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Makeovers is a program divided into four sections.

  • Food- Kitchen organization , recipes , diet plan
  • Fitness- Yoga , walking/running routine, repetitions-arms, legs, and abs
  • Meditation- how to meditate, meditation course
  • Appearance- closet organization , beauty routine, style tips

Each section is designed to be the spark in changing someone's entire life…. one step at a time.

The Makeovers program provides a comfortable space where a person can restructure their habits.

First , step by step instructions on kitchen organization - refrigerator, freezer, pantry and cooking tools. Learn how to cook 200 recipes that are all about healthy eating . Also, a simple and delicious diet plan when you wish to bring your eating habits back into balance and lose weight.

Second , a fitness program that includes running/ walking routine, yoga , repetitions, dance, and sports.

Third , learn to manage your reactions to daily life by creating pockets of peace in your brain by learning how to meditate .

Last , put your outward appearance together with wardrobe basics , learning how to do your nails, simple closet organization just to name a few and watch your attitude change.

Makeovers will help make all your wishes come true beyond your wildest dreams. The Makeovers program is well planned, kind, non-judgmental, and patient.

Don't wait another minute. Join us at Makeovers and create the life you've always dreamed about.

Destina Moga