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My Fitness Experience:

Hello. My name is Destina Moga. I am the creator of the Makeovers Life program. Physical activity in my life is unstructured. I am not drawn to organized sports. Growing up in Romania, I spent all of the good weather months outside- fishing with my Dad's brothers, swimming, playing tennis with my family and friends, and climbing lots of trees. I continue my favorite childhood activities with my children to this day.

  • After my daughter, Isabella, was born, my body changed drastically. The weight was not coming off.
  • I was not physically active enough to lose weight. I bought a stroller and began to take my daughter Isabella for walks in the afternoons. Bella would nap and I would have the freedom of walking for about 2 hours.
  • Over the first 6 months of my new walking routine the weight started to melt off. My body got stronger and to my own surprise, I actually began to run part of my route.
  • That was eight years ago. I love my running time now. Not always though. Sometimes I have to trick or treat myself into going, especially in the winter. I love the strength of my runner's body and the way I feel knowing that I live in this body and it's healthy because I run.
  • The other side of my fitness routine was slowly added over the past five years. I am a little woman standing 5 feet tall and 110 pounds. I tried the machines at our fitness club. Those machines overwhelmed my joints and messed up my back.
  • Also, when I tried videos to workout, they bored me. I've developed my own way of working out. I researched online, in fitness books, and magazines different exercises.
  • I committed hundreds of these exercises to memory so that I can do them anytime and anywhere.
  • Having so many wonderful exercises committed to memory allows me to create my own workout routines on a regular basis. This is how I created the Makeovers-Fitness program.
  • The key here is to learn the yoga poses and the repetitions exercises so that you can do them anytime and anywhere interchangeably.
  • Once you master these exercises, you are going to want to seek out more on your own. The learning never ends.
  • I also spend time each week dancing with my kids, dancing to my favorite tunes in the mirror, playing tennis, swimming, running, and going to the local playground and playing with my children.
  • Staying active has become a way of life for me and not just a workout regimen. This is the magic I want to share in the Makeovers-Fitness program.

What is Makeover Life Fitness?

Fitness is a part of the Makeovers-Life Program.

  • The human body is a machine or an animal above all else.
  • When it receives positive attention like plenty of sleep, good food, water, good thoughts, oxygen through physical exercise, it will work at its ideal level.
  • The reward? A wonderful feeling of well being. Knowing that you are doing your body good is the best gift.


  • Your body takes in much more oxygen when you work out.
  • Your muscles get bigger.
  • Your heart and lungs get stronger.
  • Bones like weight bearing exercises to keep solid and strong over a lifetime.

The Makovers-Life Fitness Program is designed to incorporate exercise into your entire week.

Running routine
  • The exercises are meant to be done throughout the day.

These movements are divided into:

  • Yoga
  • Repetitions-arms, legs, and abs
  • Dance
  • Walking/ Running
  • Incorporating your favorite sport.

Good Luck! And welcome to your new state of well being!

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