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My experience with food:
Hello. My name is Destina Moga. I am the creator of the Makeovers Program. In the Makeovers Life food section, I want to teach people how to organize a kitchen and be able to cook healthy meals from scratch in a timely manner.

  • I used to own a restaurant in the 1990's in Fayetteville, Arkansas. There was a restaurant space available in the building that housed my clothing store.
  • I've always loved the restaurant business so I asked around about the space. I wanted a restaurant . I thought to myself what a great life calling to cook good food for lots of people. I bought everything in the restaurant from the bank for $5,000. Every creative fiber I had went in putting my new restaurant together.
  • My beloved Tangos Restaurant
    I named it Tangos. On the front window the words, “Good food. Good company“, painted in bright colors said it all. Eventually, I got a liquor license and expanded the seating capacity to two dining rooms. Tangos served breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. We were only closed for Sunday dinner. That's when I would clean the entire kitchen and take inventory for the next week.
  • Since I left the restaurant business, my food needs changed drastically.
  • Having the restaurant experience changed the way I organize my kitchen. I've always loved cooking. After I left the restaurant business, my kitchen skills were kind of at a loss. All of the passion that went in creating menus, daily specials, doing large parties and events, and feeding a zillion customers had to go somewhere.
  • My skills shifted in organizing my own private kitchen at home. I began to organize my kitchen intuitively like a commercial restaurant kitchen.
  • Good cuts of meat bought in bulk and will be divided into portions
    I go to Costco and buy most of the food in bulk.
  • I divide up the big cuts of meat and store them in the freezer by categories in small portion sizes.
  • I do not buy any boxed or processed food. I know how to make everything from scratch. Every recipe that I cooked at the restaurant is in my head.
  • I love food and know what is good for you and what is not. I've tried many ways over the years to eliminate anything processed out of my family's diet. I love the cook that I've become for my family.
  • Makeovers-Food comes from a place in my heart that is very dear to me. I now know why I worked so hard at my restaurant. Fate had given me all the tools necessary to write a simple program on how to bring good food into someone's life and teach it to others.
  • Many people have tried the Makeovers-Food program for themselves and have had great success in organizing their kitchens and cooking the recipes in the program.


Oxygen...Water...Food…Food is the third most important ingredient in our lives...

  • It sustains our physical being as we journey through life. Our body is God's temple. God's energy flows throughout our being.
  • We become what we do routinely. When we eat well, drink plenty of fluids, exercise, and get plenty of rest, our bodies reward us.
  • When our bodies are deprived of these things, we suffer and cannot perform well.
  • What is healthy eating? Healthy eating is making good choices at every meal.
  • We must choose from a variety of foods to get the many different vitamins and minerals that we need to thrive.
  • Being on the run all the time makes preparing every meal from scratch challenging.
  • Meeting that challenge can be accomplished in two steps:
    1. Becoming aware and taking responsibility that we must prepare three meals and three snacks daily for our families.
    2. Organizing our own kitchen to work like a well oiled machine.

Makeovers Food has devised a plan to do just that!

  • It's simple. Food cooked at home is best because the quality of the ingredients is much better.
  • Restaurants use processed oils instead of butter. Also, the cleanliness of a private kitchen cannot be matched by a commercial kitchen. It's not even fair to compare the two environments.
  • Take a slow and steady approach to the art of cooking. Ease into it. Each lesson in the kitchen is to be learned patiently.
  • Getting organized and preparing a lot of the food ahead of time is key. For example, cutting meat and vegetables as soon as you get them home from the grocery store cuts cooking time in half.
  • Fresh from the grocery store. Cut and
    bag all your vegetables
    The food we eat should be FRESH...FRESH...FRESH! We know what that means.
  • Food in its unaltered state. Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, choice cuts of meat, fish and seafood. A good way to eat fresh is to shop for groceries two times a week and keep a mental list of what is in the refrigerator and pantry at all times.
  • An organized pantry makes
    cooking more efficient
    Kitchen Organization: The Makeovers kitchen is organized to produce any meal in Makeovers-Life Recipes and many personal favorites of your own.
  • The food is classic American based on the U.S. Government food pyramid. It's not rocket science nor did we reinvent the wheel. These are basic recipes.
  • Makeovers Life also has a diet plan when you wish to bring your eating habits back into balance
  • The basic need to eat is in all life. We must eat. It is the core of our physical being. It is here that diversity and questions begin.
  • What to eat? How many meals a day? How to prepare them?
  • The Makeovers-Life Food section will answer all of these questions.
  • Savarin, one of the greatest chefs of all time said, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.”

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